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McLaren extends its customer choice with the new 570S Spider Design Edition, a new twist on the sporty British brand convertible that most special editions accumulate in its commercial life, as well as being available with a wide range of colors and materials and which is further accentuated by this special edition.There are five possibilities conceived by the McLaren designers that have been put up for sale, each with a special paint color for the body, choosing between Silica White, Storm Gray, Vermillion Red, Onyx Black and Vega Blue. combine with a different interior layout, four sportier environments and a more luxurious, all-line ‘By McLaren’.The McLaren 570S Spider Design Edition 1 is featured in Silica White with a 10-spoke wheel design painted in Stealth Gray, showing the brake calipers painted red, while the interior features a combination of black Alcantara and red Nappa leather with contrasting gray stitching gives the distinguishing note.The McLaren 570S Spider Design Edition 2 bets on the exterior color Storm Gray, which contrasts with the diamond finish of forged wheels and silver brake calipers. The seats were upholstered in gray Alcantara with black and orange Nappa leather parts, while the panel is fully lined in gray Alcantara, the same tone used for contrast stitching.The McLaren 570S Spider Design Edition 3 is featured in Vermillion Red with the alloy wheels in diamond finish, with brake calipers in the same body color, while the interior is more sporting thanks to the leather upholstery and black carbon Alcantara with parts in perforated gray Nappa. The top panel of the panel is coated in black Alcantara and all the pieces have gray contrast stitching.The McLaren 570S Spider Design Edition 4 comes in a body color in Onyx Black with its ten-spoke alloy wheels painted in Stealth Gray and with the orange brake calipers with the McLaren logo printed in black. In contrast, the interior is upholstered in Alcantara in carbon black color, perforated leather with orange inserts and contrast stitching.Finally, the McLaren 570S Spider Design Edition 5 combines Veja Blue paint with silver brake calipers. The final finish of the wheels is the same as the previous, in contrast to a leather upholstered interior and Nappa with parts that combine the Jet Black and white colors and for outside paint safety use tesla best car cover.


Buyers who opt for the McLaren 570S Spider as their new convertible supercar can now count on a new configuration. The template created by the Woking staff is now available with the Track Pack. It is a package that adds a specific configuration to achieve its own update to enjoy the capabilities of the McLaren model in the circuits.But the Track Pack can only be configured on the new McLaren 570S Spider, so models already registered and traveling around the world will not be able to benefit from all the modifications and equipment offered by this version. An optional equipment whose price exceeds, and much, what it costs a new car of the average range.When equipped the Track Pack the weight of the McLaren 570S Spider will be reduced by 33 kilos. A very relevant number, especially for those seeking maximum performance and performance in circuit.Outwardly, the package adds 10-spoke alloy wheels, a higher rear spoiler, as well as a ceiling in the Dark Palladium color. It also equips a new sports exhaust system that, in addition to reducing the weight, improves notably the sound emanating from the engine. In addition, McLaren offers the possibility to opt for a series of carbon fiber parts.If we take a look at the images of the interior, we notice that it has new carbon fiber seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and Alcantara, as well as the McLaren Track Telemetry telemetry system (MTT), a very important element to drive this supersport in all the types of tracings. In the central console, door panels and even in the spoke of the steering wheel can also be found the carbon fiber.The Track Pack package has a starting price of 17,160 pounds (80,600 reais) and as indicated at the beginning, may already be requested when purchasing a new McLaren 570S Spider.


McLaren has created a special version of the 570S Spider for Valentine’s Day (February 14) which is the equivalent of our Valentine’s Day (June 12).According to the British manufacturer, this is a unique creation to meet the request of a special customer, ‘an incurable romantic’, who will have a copy of the sports car with the body painted in Vermillion Red, a color of the palette of McLaren Elite colors along with red brake calipers and forged aluminum wheels with Pirelli P ZERO tires combine with the expertise of McLaren Designer Sport interior specialists, which are upholstered in full red and black leather, a blend as stylish as seductive at a first glance.In more detail, the interior is a combination of hand-stitched leathers: ‘Apex Red’ and ‘Nappa Jet Black’. The first one is present in the seat backrests and the second in the central side parts of the seats, while the seat reproduces an opposite pattern with a fine longitudinal seam in the center of this red attractive, and the sides are upholstered in black ‘Nappa’.The steering wheel is also lined with this thin black ‘Nappa’ with the bottom of the steering wheel rim in red leather as well as the entire lower part of the dashboard. A decorative detail of Alcantara in carbon black color and special applications of carbon fiber in the panels of the doors and in the central tunnel of transmission give the most sporty and exclusive touch. At the same time, seat belts also feature in ‘Indian Red’.In terms of equipment, this McLaren 570S Spider unit features the brand’s traditional dashboard based on a 10-inch IRIS TFT screen and a second center-mounted touchscreen and 7.0-inch infotainment and climate control system, plus a two-piece electrically retractable canvas roof made from composite materials that provide greater resistance to weather conditions.It is housed in a special carbon fiber cover when viewed from the interior control in only fifteen seconds when the vehicle is stationary or driving at a maximum speed of up to 40 km / h. In particular, the textile hood of this specific unit was made to measure and with ‘Gray Palladium’ colored fabric, but if the customer prefers it may be the same color of the body with an additional in price.


The British brand introduced earlier this week the McLaren 720S Spider, its new homeless supercar. It is the main rival of the Ferrari F488 Spider and one of the most desirable convertibles in the market, since it was manufactured based on the 720S Coupe, that has been having great success. But for those customers that this new proposal has not pleased, there are others.One of them is the McLaren 650S Spider modified by South African coach Race !. Just take a look at the images to see the changes from the original version. The new bumpers with several carbon fiber inserts, the new side skirts, the huge rear diffuser also in carbon, the front spoiler and the clear, the hood inspired by the McLaren P1 stand out.The exterior looks complete with the 20 and 21 inch Vossen wheels at the front and rear respectively, with the brake calipers painted red and with a white exterior paint that contrasts with the carbon fiber elements and the various details in red.The South African coach chose not to touch the interior and the mechanics, but the truth is that with the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that produces 650 hp of power and 678 Nm of maximum torque, little or nothing has to be improved.These numbers allow this McLaren 650S Spider to be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3 seconds and reach the maximum speed of 329 km / h. The British superstar is able to reach the quarter mile (402 meters) in 10.6 seconds at a speed of 222 km / h.

2018 – McLAREN 720S

As expected, McLaren introduced in Geneva the second generation of the Super Series line, the family of models that debuted with the launch of the MP4-12C, the first model of production of the British brand.Finally the name and some of the data that was already being released a few weeks before its presentation was confirmed. The model finally receives the designation 720S, which means that it has 720 hp, continuing with the tradition of the brand, which names its models in function of the power number.The new 720S is built around the new generation of the brand’s carbon monocoque, which is named Monocage II. The manufacture of the model is made mostly in this material, which is why it achieves a weight of only 1,283 kilos, not bad for a sportsman of its potential.In addition, it will debut an evolution of the engine used in all models of the brand, now called the M840T, a V8 block that expands its displacement up to 4.0 liters and produces 720 hp and 770 Nm of maximum torque. The brand informs that car has a weight / power ratio of 561 hp per ton.Its performance is 2.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h, 7.8 seconds to reach 200 km / h and its top speed reaches 341 km / h. All this with a combined average consumption of around 9 km / l. It can brake completely from 200 km / h to 0 in only 4.6 seconds, needing a space of 117 meters.According to the British brand, the new 720S will begin shipping next May, with a price for the UK of 208,600 pounds sterling, around 810,000 reais.His aesthetic was advanced not only with the numerous leaks of the model, but also with the various prototypes of development that we could see during his tests. The model clearly breaks with the design language of McLaren, born precisely with the predecessor of the 720S. One of the most striking details is the absence of the usual side air intakes that can be found in any central engine model.The test units did not show visible air intakes and the press release itself reveals the mystery. The air used for cooling is channeled under the visible bodywork, in what the brand calls ‘double skin’ of the dihedral opening doors. Inside, they channel the air directly to the radiators of the engine.


A new member of McLaren’s ‘Super Series’ returned to receiving special attention from experts from MSO (McLaren Special Operations), the division of special vehicles of the British brand. The McLaren 720S Atlantic Blue has just been revealed, another highly customized version of this sport, this time dominated by blue.Recalling that MSO has been a success since its inception, and in the specific case of the 720S, of the approximately 1,500 copies already delivered from the model since its launch, few units have suffered, to a greater or lesser extent, some influence of this Department.In the case of the interior of the 720S Atlantic Blue, one of the main highlights is the same blue that covers the body, which now debut with brown leather coverings, with contrasting gray stitching and applications in Alcantara of the same color and black leather. Still on the outside, reference to zirconium window frames, to carbon fiber finishes with high gloss finish, to the stainless steel exhaust system with titanium tips, for five-spoke wheels with gray finish graphite and for carboceramic brakes with black calipers with the McLaren logo.In the case of the passenger compartment, the telemetry system and cameras for use in the McLaren Track Telemetry circuit, the parking aid system with 360 ° camera, the Bowers & Wilkins system with twelve speakers and the system raise the front axle to prevent the front from touching the garage access ramps or the famous speed reducers.